Cycling 100k Towards An Organic BBQ

On a Saturday in 2015, MADE launched its first cycling challenge! This is part of a wider scheme to promote cycling within the Muslim community, as well as increasing environmental sustainability and physical health.

On one side, we had 39 brave contenders of varying experience, some having only signed up a few days before, cycling 100km through the hills of Oxfordshire. On the other, we had over 160 people gather at the first Halal and Organic farm in the country – Willowbrook Farm. The glaring sun boasted a beautiful day of activities including an entire tour of the 45 acre land, exciting workshops and activities for the children including Origami and face-painting, and simply basking in the wonderful nature, drinking fresh bike-pedalled fairtrade smoothies.

Many of the cyclists arrived to a warm welcome, just in time for the ethical, organic BBQ. The rest of the evening brought with it exciting performances such as the talented Silk Road and some spoken word poetry by Shehroze Khan. The night ended with a commemoration of all the participants who lived on less than £1 a day whilst raising funds for MADE as part of the Live Below The Line challenge, pushing MADE to be the 8th top fundraiser GLOBALLY! It was also a chance to recognise the amazing commitment shown by all the cyclists, despite all the bumps along the way (no pun intended).

MADE aims to make this an annual event and promote cycling through such challenges, as well as holding cycling workshops, installing bike racks in Mosques and possibly creating cycling clubs within communities. To stay up to date with the latest updates in our Green Up campaign, sign up here. If you missed out on Tour de Farm, or simply want to give that bike another spin, we have an exciting challenge coming up that might require you start training from now…

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