Eco Ambassador Trained: Tackling Fuel Poverty

On Saturday 1st November 2015, MADE held its second in-depth training for its Eco Ambassadors. Themed around the issue of Fuel Poverty, the eager Ambassadors were taught some helpful skills that can save community households upto £100 a year through simple DIY actions like make-shift double glazing, draught busting and placing reflectors behind radiators to improve heat conduction.

With an estimated 9% of London suffering from fuel poverty, many people have to make the choice between their heating and a hot meal (as reported by the Shadow Minister for Public Health)! Fuel poverty is defined as “not being able to adequately heat one’s home within their given income.” This is an issue being flagged by the government as well as mainstream media like the Guardian. AGE UK reported an estimated 240,000 elderly individuals at risk of death or serious illness from under heated homes this winter!

The idea of the workshop is to transfer these skills to people, and go out into the community helping households with these changes. We want volunteers to help tackle fuel poverty by going out and getting their hands dirty, volunteering their time to make these household improvements to families that may be unaware or unable to do these themselves

The project is part of our Green Up My Community campaign to increase environmental sustainability in the Muslim community. We are tackling this issue through the Mosques, so if you would like to get involved, get in touch and sign up to be an Eco Ambassador. We could hold a stall at your Mosque to gauge the interest in having these home improvements done, and then volunteer our time! Likewise, if you know any households that may be interested in greening up WHILST saving money on their bills, get in touch with us at

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