The Ultimate Water Challenge 2017  


6 Days

3 Challenges

1 Jug.

Monday 3rd July - Saturday 8th July 2017

“Have you considered the water which you drink? Was it you that brought it down from the clouds or did We cause it to fall? Had We willed, We could have made it bitter – will you not then be appreciative? (Qur’an, 68:70)

The Ultimate Water Challenge is back! A three part week long fundraising challenge for the conscious, the brave and the heroic.

Why water I hear you ask?

Well did you know that over 10 litres of water is wasted during each wudu performed when the tap is left running – that’s more water than some people in parts of the world use in an entire day!

As stewards of the earth [Qur’an, 6:165], Allah has entrusted humanity with the role of upholding justice and equality. Yet today in a world of great technological mastery and wealth, over 650 million people still do not have access to the basic rights of safe water with 2.3 billion people [1 in every 3 person] who do not have access to adequate sanitation.

The Prophet [peace be upon him] taught us “whoever sees anything unjust, let him change it with his hands…” [Muslim]. It is our duty to face this injustice head on, and be an enforcer of good. Let's change the unjust with our hands by signing up, with our legs by walking the Ultimate Water Walk and with our voices by spreading awareness of this cause.

“Oh you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witness to God, even if against yourselves…” [Qur’an, 4:135]

So are you water just? Or not water fussed? Join us & challenge yourself to find out!

The Ultimate Water Challenge is an opportunity to see how conscious you can be of your water use; highlighting how much actually does go to waste and Insha’Allah encouraging a sustainable change in every single one of us. Not only will you be raising awareness of an extremely worthy cause but the funds raised will support MADE to invest in positive futures for our youth. What more could you want in a fundraising challenge!?

This Year's Challenge:

* CHALLENGE LEVEL 1 – For the Conscious!

Beat the Tap: Use only the Prophetic amount of water [the mudd approx. 675ml] during wudu for the five prayers over five days – we provide the mudd!

* CHALLENGE LEVEL 2 – For the Brave!

Beat the Bucket: Beaten the tap? Well then how about the ghusl bucket challenge and use 1 bucket for your daily shower – you'll be squeaky clean, environmentally friendly and following a prophetic sunnah all at once, challenge yourself and be one of the brave!

* CHALLENGE LEVEL 3 – For the Heroic!

The Ultimate Water Walk: Is the bucket a breeze? Then take the Ultimate Water Walk carrying a weight of up to 20kg for 6km through central London passing iconic places whilst raising awareness of water injustice and the Islamic teachings of water. Experience what many women and children go through daily who do not have access to water - challenge your endurance and be one of the heroes!

Sign up for one of the challenges above as part of a team or as individuals.  The winner/s will receive a well in their name, and eternal glory of course!  


Sign up to the Ultimate Water Challenge and stand out firmly for justice! Why not make it a challenge between teams and see who can fundraise the most? The deep well will be built in your name and you can compete against other teams from the categories. You can even check your score [and your opponents] on our leader board which goes live in July!


  • Friendship Teams
  • ISOCs
  • Schools, Youth Groups & Madrasahs
  • Corporates
  • Businesses
  • Organisations


  • 900 children die every day due to lack of clean water access
  • Over 10 litres of water is wasted during each wudu performed when the tap is left running – that’s more water than someone in a developing country who does not have water access uses in an entire day
  • The Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] forbade wasting water “even if you are at the banks of a flowing river” [ibn Majah]
  • Every minute a newborn baby dies from infection caused by a lack of safe water and an unclean environment
  • In the UK the average person uses 16 buckets of water a day, with a good proportion easily saved if people are conscious of their water use
  • 70% of the world is covered in water but only 1% of the world water is accessible for drinking

“Be a community that calls for what is good, urges what is right and forbids what is wrong: those who do this are the successful ones” [Qur’an, 3:104]

Join MADE in the Ultimate Water Challenge 2017 and start that change today.

Step 1: Sign up!

Step 2: Complete the registration.

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