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Since MADE was founded in 2009, our work has been met with positivity and support from people from a variety of backgrounds, age groups, ethnicities and beliefs - from leading scholars and community leaders to inspirational volunteers, partner organisations and community groups.

 Hany El Banna

“MADE is a very good initiative. It should not be treated as an organization but a movement. I really believe in volunteerism, believe in the youth and believe that they can make and change history.”

- Dr Hany El Bana, Founder of Humanitarians Forum.

 Julie Siddiqi

 “What I love about MADE is that when it comes to empowering young British Muslims to make positive change happen, it goes beyond the theory and right to the heart of social action. Pairing the teachings of Islam with what we know from science and research, MADE then gives young people the tools to do good, affect real change, and make a difference to the world.”

- Julie Siddiqi, Founder of Sadaqa Day.

 Tariq Ramadan

"Our love towards God is to respect the beauty of nature, to respect nature and the species...as a gift that we have been given. So what the organisation [MADE] is doing by supporting environmental concern is very important...this is central to what our understanding of Islam is all about."

- Tariq Ramadan, Professor at the University of Oxford.

 Shazia Saleem

“MADE doesn’t just facilitate a conversation, it gets issues on the agenda and converts them into action and it is having a real impact."

- Shazia Saleem, Founder of ieat Foods.

 Dawud Wharnsby

"It has been an extreme pleasure for me to have got to know you over the past little while, and to have worked with you on several occasions on projects...one of the greatest honours I have in my work as I travel around the world is to tell people I am an official ambassador for MADE. Here's to many more years of working together to bring back some balance to this planet of ours."

- Dawud Wharnsby, Singer-songwriter.

 Imam Suhaib Webb

"An incredible, cutting edge organisation...we need to realise that when we take away from the planet, we really take away from it in a systemic way. Let us, as Muslims, share the collective responsibility of humanity to shepherd our Earth. The Prophet (SAW) said every creation has the right of charity upon us. I encourage you to check out MADE...join up, get involved in that collective effort."

- Imam Suhaib Webb, Resident Scholar, Suhaib Webb Institute. 

 Yasmin Khatun

"Refreshing and unique, MADE latches onto things that everybody else seems to completely miss. I've loved working with them and collaborating with their projects throughout this year."

- Yasmin Khatun, Journalist, Television Producer and Broadcaster.