Our Work

Education & Training

This year, MADE’s education programme in schools has emphasised the environment. MADE has worked with schools, madrassahs and youth groups across the UK. MADE links up Islamic principles with current environmental issues through assemblies, practical workshops, teacher training and visits. Highlights have included over 2200 children taking part in assemblies and workshops; 98% of young people we worked with learnt something new from the topics they had learnt about through our resources and sessions; over 80% of young people we worked with felt inspired by what they had learnt to make a personal change in their life.

MADE has developed an innovative Changemakers Course, in partnership with Ebrahim College and with support from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. The course covers the Islamic principles behind campaigning, current campaigns, and practical skills of leadership and campaigning. MADE has delivered tailored courses to three different groups: University Islamic Societies, trainee scholars and the general public. So far 73% say it has inspired them to make relevant changes to their own lifestyle, 79% say it has increased skills to a large or very large extent and 81% say it has increased their motivation to take action to a large or very large extent.

Social Action & Volunteering

MADE pledged to the national social action campaign #iwill to increase volunteering for young British Muslims. For the Climate Coalition ‘Show the Love‘ for the environment campaign, MADE organised for tree-planting at Heartwood Forest with Muslim, Jewish and Christian pupils from different schools, and hedge planting at Willowbrook Farm with people from Muslim and Jewish organisations. MADE is now a signatory of the Charter for Trees at the Woodland Trust.

MADE also partnered with the Better Communities Business Network (BCBN) and Keep Britain Tidy, to enable young British Muslims to take part in an annual Sadaqa Day. Youth groups, madrasahs and schools participated in social action by litter picking, with the view to improve the young people’s teamwork and confidence whilst teaching people about the virtues of sadaqah (charity). MADE provided participating pupils from schools across the UK with #LitterHeroes t-shirts, litter picks and branded rubbish bags.


MADE’s ‘Every Garment Has A Name’ campaign encouraged Muslims to be more conscious of where their clothes come from and to challenge unethical practices in the fashion industry. The campaign had 30 active volunteers participating and attending mobilisation meetings at the MADE office, MADE’s video had over 56,800 views via Facebook and 15,000 views via YouTube and a Film Screening event around the campaign brought in 55 people from the community with at least 20% from those of other and no faith.