Did you know that only 6% of Palestinian produce is currently sold abroad. However with nearly 3 million Muslims living in the UK, our numbers and collective action has the potential to make a powerful difference. By supporting Fairtrade Palestinian farmers it can mean they are able to work themselves out of poverty, provide for their families and build the future of Palestine!

The olive tree harvest is at the centre of Palestinian Livlihood and 80,000 families rely on it anually. However, with 2.5 million olive trees being drestroyed and access to only 17% of water resources now over 50% of Palestinans are suffering from daily food insecurities.

In 2014 as part of our Fairtrade in Islam initiative MADE launched the #BuyPalestinian campaign.  By encouraging Muslims in the UK to buy fairly traded Palestinian dates and other items the campaign was about providing opportunities for TRADE not just AID for Palestinians. This would ensure that Palestinians would be able to help build the own sustainable economy and future.

“Behind every Medjoul date we produce is a community and a family. Selling our dates in the UK means everything to us. It means people are listening. It means that people are celebrating our dignity and supporting our future. We are Palestine” Taysir Arbasi, Zaytoun Project Manager 

Here are some of our proud successes from our #BuyPalestinian Campaign:
  • 15 events across the UK about the campaign and fair trade in Islam
  • Nearly 500kg of fairly traded Palestinian dates sold during Ramadan
  • Held the first ever Fairtrade Khutbah with over 4,000 worshippers which were broadcast on Channel S to thousands of people across Europe
  • 6 Mosques applied for Fair Trade status as a direct result of the campaign
  • 4 Publications, including the first ever Fairtrade Khutbah template and resources on Fairtrade and Islam for Fairtrade Foundation
  • Held the first ever Fairtrade Iftar at East London Mosque
  • Received over 200 Pledges from people to buy both Fairtrade and Palestinian

Muslimaat, UK has been a key supporter of the MADE shop enterprise as an extension of the #BuyPalestinian campaign.  Over 300 women attended Sense and Responsibility, the first ever ethical iftar, raising over £20,000 and leading to a further £1,000 in MADE Shop sales.  The support of Muslimaat, London has ensured that we are able to continue to support ethical businesses and enterprises in Bangladesh and Palestine transforming the lives of hundreds of families.


I enjoyed constantly learning about ethical Palestinian trade and then using that knowledge to inform people about MADE and the Buy Palestinian campaign whilst running our stals.  So overall during that process I got to take on a lot of varying responsibilities which let me develop my understanding of the campaign.”                                       Ruqaiya Mian – Campaigns Intern/ Buy Palestinian Activist

“BuyPal has been an amazing campaign to be a part of.  This year I’ve seen the various innovative ways through which the campaign has raised awarness about Palestinian farmers and Palestinian producers, including the discussion of a range of topics from Fairtarde to permaculture.  I’ve definitely learned a lot, particulary with regards to how I can raise awareness amongst my own community and social networks – that is essentially what the campaign has acheived in my eyes.  Given supporters the resources to carry on the work and continue to raise awarness.”           Ayesha Tarannum, Buy Palestinian Activist

The Future

#BuyPalestinian is already being adopted by several organisations, including Zaytoun and Hadeel.  We hope that it grows and continues to provide an avenue for positive action that supporters Palestinian Farmers throughout Fairtrade.

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