Made Cafe

The MADE café was a forum for young people interested in issues of global development, ethics and social justice. Every month, MADE held an informal meet-up over ethical snacks or desserts, and tried to explore the root causes of some of these issues!

If you would like to hold a MADE cafe within your locality, choose an issue, and get in touch! All welcome!


Women in Hebron can make anything – October 2015

An inspiring evening with Nawal Sleimah, the founder of The Women in Hebron Fairtrade Cooperative, and how we can support Palestinian women.  With opportunities to purchase traditional handicrafts and produce there was something for everyone.

Green Revolution: Permaculture with Palestine – September 2015

An event combining both our #BuyPalestinian and Green Up My Community campaigns which explored the rise of Permaculture in Palestine.  Murad, the coordinator of the Marda Palestinian Farm, led an insightful discussion on the topic and how we can support their work here in the UK.

Let’s Date: an Evening with a Palestinian Farmer – March 2015

As part of Fairtrade fornight MADE hosted an event with a Palestinian farmer from West Bank who gave us a first-hand account of life under occupation.  This was held in conjunction with our #BuyPalestinian campaign.

Let’s Meat: the Ethics of Halal – December 2014

This was the first time HMC, HFA, Willowbrook Organic and iEAT shared a platform together, discussing the ethics of the meat industry, and the concept of true Halal and Tayyib meat.

Let’s Talk Palestine – September 2014

MADE and Zaytoun got together in the Palestinian Tatreez Cafe to discuss the economics injustices faced by the Palestinians in the West Bank, and how we can take this issue forward! This Cafe started the launch of our #BuyPalestinian campaign.

Tears in the Fabric – May 2014

A powerful film screening following the story of the mothers of one of the Rana Plaza Collapse Victims in Bangladesh.

Meet a Fairtrade Banana Farmer – April 2014

An insightful presentation and QnA by a Colombian Banana farmer on Fairtrade and how it has affected the economy in Colombia. Topped off with Fairtrade Banana Crepes, this was an event not to be missed.

The Dark Side of Chocolate – November 2012

Film screening and discussion about exploitation and child labour in the chocolate industry.

Palestinian Fairtrade Farmers – March 2012

A special event for Fairtrade Fortnight in partnership with Zaytoun and Fairtrade Foundation.  Palestinian Fairtrade farmers talked about the impact Fairtrade has on their communities.

The Crisis of Civilisation – January 2012

Film screening of the documentary ‘The Crisis of Civilisation’ about how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system.