Team Cardiff Live Below The Line

All praise is due to Allah. I feel so blessed. This past week, taking part in Live below the line for the second year, has been amazing. The best part of the week, was the time I spent reflecting. We get caught up in the trivial issues we face in our lives and a lot of the time we forget to reflect upon the situation of others. I’ll be honest, it was an emotional week; but the hardest part wasn’t the hunger.

Alhamdulilah we are lucky to have access to some pretty cheap groceries here in the UK, so it wasn’t that bad in that sense. The worst part was knowing that you can’t have that which you see in front of you. Under normal circumstances, I would happily go a week without eating chocolate; however, last week, whenever i saw someone eating chocolate, I would think – “I really feel like having chocolate”.

SubhanAllah, I just had to wait five days until I could indulge in the luxuries that are readily available to us. The people we are raising money for don’t have that silver lining. It is heart breaking to think that children are going without food, when we throw so much away. we waste so much as a society, and we don’t even think twice…

Overall the challenge was eye-opening and humbling. watching people i’ve never met donate to the cause, and reading the messages of encouragement really was heart warming. Finally, I am so proud of Team Cardiff for taking part and raising so much! Alhamdulilah
Nadine Dahan, Cardiff ISoc

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