The Diaries Of A Campaigner

The Prophet PBUH said: “If you see an injustice change it with your hand, if you can’t do that then speak out against it, and if you can’t do that then hate it with your heart, and that is the least of Faith.” – Bukhari.

The world we live in is constantly changing, whether new laws are being applied, a change in power or climate. One thing that has not changed is the effects these changes have on us, and in order for these to be beneficial we must act.

For the past year I have been exposed to the world of campaigning. It began from a simple email from an uncle which then led me to partake in one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was selected to become a Youth Ambassador for the ONE Campaign, working closely with European and local officials to eradicate extreme poverty. From this I learnt campaigning is not about standing outside shouting and leafleting, it is far from it. Campaigning is about making an impact at a small level which counts for something large. Something as simple as persuading a local faith leader to send a letter to their local MP regarding a certain issue. This has the potential to save lives.

I am currently interning at the MADE office in Whitechapel. I am working on the Green Up project, mainly tasked with engaging their Eco Ambassadors and organising various events. Green Up is a fantastic initiative aiming to get Mosques to become more environmentally conscious. The Eco Ambassadors underwent a training session providing them the skills they need to go into their communities and make an impact. The aim of the project is to get the Mosques to become the beacons of change in their communities, raising awareness and providing practical help for those in need.


  • Contact your local Faith Centre by letter or by physical meetings and attempt to persuade them to ‘Green Up’.
  • Contact local political officials and MP’s about an issue close to your heart.
  • Spread the word about upcoming events on social media and amongst personal contacts.
  • Be prepared for any opposition.
  • Start early, network and get in contact with groups that hope to tackle the same issues you wish to focus on.


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A voice
  • Passion to make a change
  • Change happens all the time and we need to control it. The leaders of our nations need to know what the people want in order to create positive and meaningful change. I urge you all to begin campaigner right away, surf the internet look for those who have the same ideologies as you. Improving the life of a person goes way beyond bucket collecting, use your voice. I hope that this entry has inspired you to go out and make a difference. One thing that must never be forgotten is that, you are never alone in a fight for good.

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