• Intro - What We Do

    "Be a community that calls for what is good, urges what is right, and forbids what is wrong..."

    Qur’an 3:104

What we do

MADE (Muslim Action for Development and Environment) invests in positive futures for young British Muslims, by inspiring and enabling them to serve society and the environment through social action: volunteering, fundraising and campaigning.

This has been proven to:

  • Improve character and well-being and gain valuable life skills for work
  • Contribute to building integrated stronger communities

We help young British Muslims to develop in these areas by:

  • teaching them the importance of active citizenship and how to root this learning in their faith
  • providing them with the opportunity to participate in social action in partnership with other organisations and groups, both within and outside of the Muslim community.

Our Programmes

Campaigns training

MADE runs campaigns training courses for islamic societies and the general public. Our flagship campaigns training course: 'Muslim Changemakers' is designed to teach the Islamic concept of serving society through active campaigning.



A founding member of Muslim Climate Action, MADE is also continuing to run the Green Up! Award Scheme, which teaches environmental education in schools, madrassahs and youth groups across the UK, and links this to practical action.


Social Action

We also run a series of social action projects and opportunities for young Muslims, in partnership with schools, community groups, interfaith initiatives and volunteering organisations. Later this year, we are launching an innovative new social action platform that will help our young people to serve society and the environment while developing the life skills necessary for a positive future.

Social Action


MADE is a registered charity (#1134415) and a not for profit company limited by guarantee (#6841136)