Hanna Abdi: Ultimate Campaigner

“Having previously never done any campaigning I found it really difficult to decide what to do, as I wanted to help everyone and make a change overnight! But with the use of MADE’s Campaign Toolkit and the two day training session they ran for us, I decided to think local and planned to hold an event for Somali women in my community about global maternal health issues. Somalia has one of the highest rates of maternal deaths, and I thought that it was essential to speak out and raise awareness of this issue.

As Saturday the 3rd September grew closer, my nerves began to increase. I had never organised an event before, it was safe to say I was scared! However through MADE, I had learnt how to channel my energy correctly, and even though I was only able to target a small number of people, I learnt how to leave a lasting effect.

After hearing what I had to say the women promised to create a wave of information and education on maternal health issues that would reach back to their friends and families.  Since the event several of the women have phoned their families in Somalia to talk about maternal health and even started sending supplies like Pregnacare and other vitamins.”

About The Project

The Ultimate Campaigner was a three-month programme giving 10 young people to chance to volunteer in their communities to campaign on a global issue they were passionate about.  Following a two-day training weekend based on Islam in Action: The Ultimate Campaign Toolkit, the volunteers were supported by mentors from MADE and Oxfam to run events, meet with their MPs and engage with the media.


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