Javed Mohammad: Act Global in Haiti

“Driving to the camp the devastation caused by the earthquake was overwhelming. The situation is true madness – the heat, the humidity, the corpses buried in rubble and the smell of decay. It is beyond comprehension.

The camp was full of families displaced by the earthquake. Around 1500 people had been queuing since dawn for one bag of rice. The heat was so unbearable that even I became dizzy. With no water or food, a sense of desperation echoed around us.  I had to put my emotions aside and get on with the job in hand by providing bottles of clean water and purification tablets.

As we headed out to the remote villages the next day to provide water purification tablets and to pump water from the wells, I was struck by how lucky we are in the UK. It is hard to believe that millions of gallons of water are wasted each year in our homes, yet here, people are simply unable to quench their thirst.

As my time in Haiti drew to a close, I felt sad to leave. Haiti will take a long time to heal but the Haitian people do not need hand-outs. With the right tools and support, they will be able to rebuild what they’ve lost.  I believe this trip has made me mentally and physically stronger.

It has taught me to be patient, to smile all the time and to appreciate all that I have.”

About the Project

In 2009-2010 MADE partnered with GlobalMedic to train up 13 young Muslims on water purification in the Act Global Project.  They then took part in an accompanied disaster response deployment overseas for 10 days with groups travelling to Haiti, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Indonesia.  On their return to the UK, the volunteers ran a community campaign about Water & Sanitation engaging with other young people in their communities


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